Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Herman Melville Quotes

There is nothing namable but that some men will, or undertake to, do it for pay. Herman Melville

There are some persons in this world, who, unable to give better proof of being wise, take a strange delight in showing what they think they have sagaciously read in mankind by uncharitable suspicions of them. Herman Melville

There is sorrow in the world, but goodness too; and goodness that is not greenness, either, no more than sorrow is. Herman Melville

The march of conquest through wild provinces, may be the march of Mind; but not the march of Love. Herman Melville

Know, thou, that the lines that live are turned out of a furrowed brow. Herman Melville

Some dying men are the most tyrannical; and certainly, since they will shortly trouble us so little for evermore, the poor fellows ought to be indulged. Herman Melville